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How can we be more effective in the classroom?  Whether online or in person, we have the power to enhance or extinguish the creative spark in our students' eyes.  Together we will explore some simple but powerful ways to engage our students and nurture their own intrinsic motivation to learn.  We will also discuss how to do this without burning ourselves out in the process!

Spanish for Seekers
Spanish for Seekers
Jan 21, 2024, 2:00 PM
Spanish for Seekers


Spanish Classes

Whether you are just beginning, or you have advanced language skills, join me for online Spanish lessons, and reach the next level!

spanish over coffee

Practice makes perfect, and language is no exception. Let's practice your Spanish over Zoom and some coffee. Dialogue makes for great learning!

teacher effectiveness training

Time to Teach Classroom Management techniques and Breathe for Change SEL*F strategies. Learn some effective and sustainable practices to revolutionize your teaching!

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